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232                          LETTERS   FROM   THE

Angleterre.' Nous 1'assurames que c'6toit de toute
fausset6ó'qu'il ne s'impatiente pas/ dit-ilónous
lui dimes que vous 6iiez d'une grande tranquillity,
et que nous faisions a votre insgu ces demarches

If the ex-Bishop of Coutances is wise, he will
not think of returning to Paris. It is too hot yet:
your furze-bush may easily take fire and burn to
ashes, for the fire-makers mismanage sadly.

The Cisalpine or Milanese Republic has united
with the Cispadane or Bologna. That looks like
business. I suppose we shall soon hear of the
Ligurian, Paduan and Venetian joining it, and
then comes old Rome itself again, and perhaps
Italy will once more be liberate dei Goti. I sus-
pect the little man (Napoleon) whom you admire
so much has some such intentions.

De Maulde's daughters have bestirred them-
selves so much that I think he will get something
in the diplomatic line. What a fine thing ckarla-
tamrie is! You need only say boldly you know
a thing, and the world believes you; your repu-
tation is made. Pour lui, he is no more attached
to Republicanism than you are, except as far as
he expects to get something from the Jacobins.

To-day we walked out at six in the morning,